Introduction to Dental Internet Marketing

introduction to dental internet marketing course

A self-paced introductory course to grow your knowledge of what Dental Internet Marketing is, as well as to understand why doing it (or having it done for you) is crucial for bringing in new patients.

DSA 100

You know that having an internet strategy for your practice is important. You know from conversations with others that getting found on Google and having a presence on Facebook is critical to attracting new patients, but you’re not sure what all the terms mean and where you should focus to grow your practice.

This introductory course will grow your understanding of marketing your practice online. We’ll show you the various avenues open to you for enhancing your online presence, and how they correspond to traditional marketing options you already understand. Whether you desire to participate in related dental forums with more knowledge, or just be able to communicate better with your SEO provider, this course gets you there. Includes a downloadable glossary of dental Internet marketing terms that you can print for easy reference.

Topics covered in this course:

  • A Brief History of Acquiring Dental Patients – The key differences between how dentists attracted patients in the past, and how they need to do it in today’s online society.
  • Understanding Digital Real Estate – An overview of the types of online properties available to your practice, and the strengths and limitations of each.
  • Anatomy of an Effective Practice Website – An overview of the essential features your dental practice website should have.
  • Dissecting A Dental Search – An over-the-shoulder walk through of a typical search for a dentist that explains the various elements and what affects each of them.
  • Overview of Dental SEO – An explanation of what dental Search Engine Optimization is, and the elements of an effective SEO campaign.
  • Overview of Dental SEM – An explanation of what dental Search Engine Marketing is, how it differs from SEO, and its place in a Dental Internet Marketing strategy.
  • Overview of Dental SMM – An explanation of what dental Social Media Marketing is, how it differs from SEM, and how it can help build your practice.
  • Overview of Reputation Management – An overview of online reviews, and how they impact your Dental Internet Marketing efforts.
  • Dental Internet Marketing Glossary of Terms – Alphabetical list with definitions of most-used terms in the SEO industry, along with a link to download a printable file.
  • Intro to Dental Internet Marketing Quiz – An optional quiz of 15 questions to see how much you’ve learned in this introductory course.


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